Our History

How we got to where we are today


After working internationally as noise effects research consultants for a decade, Dr. Michiko So Finegold and her husband Mr. Lawrence Finegold formed a Quieter America with Mr. David Sykes in 2010. The National Academy of Engineering report, Technology for A Quieter America inspired the formation of QA emphasizing the importance of organized public outreach to educate and inform Americans about exposure to noise, the effects of noise, noise policy, and noise control [1]. Michiko passed away suddenly in 2011, entrusting her husband, Lawrence Finegold, with her legacy. Mr. Finegold established the Michiko So Finegold Memorial Trust (MSFMT) to honor his beloved late wife by continuing public outreach to bring noise policy back to life in the US and collaborating with global organizations to reduce noise.

The Michiko So Finegold Memorial Trust collaborated with QA to stimulate public interest in acoustical science and noise control and to assemble scientific and professional organizations into a joint task force capable of having an effective voice in public policy. Burden of Disease from Environmental Noise (WHO 2011), Technology for a Quieter America (NAE 2010) and Protecting National Park Soundscapes (Reid and Olson 2013) were publications added to the basis of their work. QA and MSFMT directed free and open to the public workshops in Baltimore (2010), Seattle (2011), New York City (2012), Denver (2013), and Florida (2014). Other related meetings in this program have been held in Washington DC (federal agency briefing, 2011), London (ICBEN – 2011), Osaka and Tokyo, Japan (2012 with I-INCE & ICBEN) and Nara, Japan (2014 ICBEN).

Darlene Kilpatrick joined the team in 2013 to organize the public outreach effort and collaborate with international organizations. The conferences/workshops seek to empower and inform the public and public entities through scientists, public figures, and organizations presenting research on noise and solutions to reduce noise. A speaker panel allows the public to interact with the speakers and let their voice be heard to start a conversation on noise. Workshops with speakers are offered during some of the conferences to discuss local issues or solutions.

In 2014, QA transformed into A Quieter Future to continue their outreach in the US and to expand their effort to the global community especially to third world countries. The San Francisco Public Outreach Workshop on Community Noise and Conserving Natural Quiet is the sixth free and open to the public outreach workshops. The Institute of Noise Control Engineering (INCE-USA) has and is lending vital support through hosting this and past workshops and co-sponsoring this year’s workshop within their international 2015 Internoise conference.