Our Team

Lawrence S. Finegold (President)

Member, National Academy of Engineering Einstein Society; Trustee, Michiko So Finegold Memorial Trust. A research psychologist, conference organizer, international lecturer & consultant, he has been engaged since 1986 in research on the effects of exposure to noise, particularly aircraft noise, and development of community & environmental noise policies.

He has authored or contributed to 80+ publications on noise effects research and noise policy including the US National Academy of Engineering report, “Technology for a Quieter America” & the World Health Organization report, “Burden of Disease from Environmental Noise.”

A well-known lecturer, he has addressed audiences in the USA, UK, EU, Korea, Vietnam, Japan, Taiwan, People’s Republic of China (PRC), Hong Kong SAR & Puerto Rico. Finegold chairs national & international committees on science & public policy including: International Commission on Biological Effects of Noise (Noise Policy & Economics); US Institute of Noise Control Engineering (Committee on Community Noise); National Research Council Transportation Research Board Committee on Aircraft Noise; American National Standards Institute (Committee on Bioacoustics); and Quieter America.

Finegold also advises international noise projects in support of national governments and international professional organizations, such as the World Health Organization and the International Institute of Noise Control Engineering.

Darlene Kilpatrick (Executive Director)

Wildlife biologist, ecologist, environmental educator, event organizer, presenter & librarian. Ms. Kilpatrick served as AQF’s Director of Communications for the fourth and fifth public outreach workshop and is currently the co-chair of AQF. She directed the past 4 AQF wokrshops and assisted with the 2014 Congress in Nara Japan of the International Commission on Biological Effects of Noise.

She received her B.A. in environmental studies from Prescott College and her M.S. in wildlife biology from the University of Idaho. She has worked for 20 years as educator, biologist and ecologist for State and Federal agencies and non-governmental organizations including USGS, USDA, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, the University of Idaho, Utah State University, Hawkwatch International and the Institute for Wildlife Studies, among others.

Her experience has taken her to Colorado, Wyoming, Arizona, Utah, California, Texas, Nebraska, Idaho and Mexico. Her work on osprey ecology in Kino Bay, Mexico is published in ‘Current Raptor Studies in Mexico’. Kilpatrick assisted with research on San Clemente Loggerhead Shrike reintroduction, Yellow-billed Cuckoo population surveys, cavity nesting bird habitat use, passerine use of meadows, raptor surveys, aspen ecology, sage grouse habitat, invasive species encroachment, developing a less invasive method for deer trapping, mountain lion habitat use, and others.

Her research interests include understanding and reducing the detrimental effects of anthropogenic noise on ecosystems, people and wildlife and empowering the public through education to address these issues. She is also the educational program coordinator for the Red Feather Lakes Library.

Sarah Robinson (Director of Operations)