In order to protect and sustain the natural world, natural sound and silence need to be protected. Our and our children's ability to connect to nature and be nurtured such as by the sound of a river is being lost as noise invades our natural landscapes. As noise increases, it upsets the delicate balance ecosystems need to sustain itself and the wildlife and plants within it.

AQF has offered public outreach workshops for the past 7 years to spread awareness on this increasing issue. Professional speakers, scientist and public speakers such as National Park Service, National Oceanic Atmosphere Administration, university professors, and Charles Lindberg's grandson, have presented to the public on topics on the importance of sound and the negative effects of noise on people, animals, plants and ecosystems.

Our current endeavor is to provide educators with tools and fun hands on learning educational kits to teach kids about the importance of sound. We are proud to offer the Sound Choices educational kit free of charge at our annual workshops.

Child take off leather shoes. Close up child's foot learns to walk on grass, reflexology massage. Kid relax in garden. Shallow depth of field (dof), selective focus. Retro style.


SOUND CHOICES educational kits are STEM kits designed for children grades K- 8th with hands-on activities that can be completed in outdoor or indoor settings, with all size groups. The program is divided into three categories.

Physics of Sound

Terrestrial Sound

Marine Sound

All three sections include background information and are:

Hands on and Easy to Use

Applying Scientific Method

Cross Curricular and Adaptable

All activity sheets have side bars that include :

Lesson Objectives

Next Generation Science Standards

Key Definitions


Our educational kits have been distributed and used by school-based educators, after school programs and librarians.  Here’s some of the feedback we’ve gotten:

“The kit is awesome!”

“The kit helps you to address environmental issues from a different view point.”

“Lessons were a success. The children loved being able to have a visual and hands on way of learning about sound and how it can affect the environment. Yes, they grasped the concepts we were trying to introduce!”

“The students really liked the game with the squeakers and the clickers.  It got them listening harder and working together to find their pod.”

“Using the kit for the summer camp went awesome. Christian (the teacher that I passed the kit on to) was a history teacher and did not have a science background. She found the explanations in the notebook were sufficient to do the activities.  She didn’t need to go to the store, she had all the supplies she needed in the kit. “

“The tablet can be used for various activities/projects for the entire school. It can introduce technology with the STEM kit. It enables a variety of hands-on learning opportunities. The uses are endless to enhance the kit.”

“The kit has a lot of value. It shows environmental issues from a different perspective. I am so appreciative of the workshop and the kit. I can’t emphasize it enough. It can be a cool thing at the library for afterschool- it will be entertainment, educational and engaging.”