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Physics of Sound

Terrestrial Sound

Marine Sound

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Key Definitions

Physics of Sound

Physics of Sound activities teach students that sound is energy. There are different experiments to understand sound as energy, frequency, wavelength, and how sound travels. Several exercises allow students to experience how sound moves outdoors and how it interacts with foliage, rocks, and trees.

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1.What is Sound? 

2. Investigate Sound

3. Frequency Facts

4. Sound from a Straw

5. Visualizing Sound Waves

6. Do You See What I Hear?

7. Secret Sounds

8. Secret Sounds – Taking it Outside  Note: Lesson 7 & 8 are a part of the same download. Keep scrolling to get to “Taking it Outside”

9. Sound Travels

Terrestrial Sound

Terrestrial Sound lessons let students experience the world through the perspectives of land-based wildlife. These experiences are designed to increase empathy for wildlife and establish a deep concern for the natural world. Several of the activities were inspired by the National Park’s education outreach and research program.
Students explore how:
  • predators and prey use sound and how noise interferes
  • transportation noise and it’s rapid increase
  • relationships in nature are connected and a change aspect will affect the whole ecosystem.
  • students become National Park employees and manage a park.

Marine Sound

Marine Sound lessons emphasize the need for marine life to be able to hear and be heard.  This section was created in partnership with NOAA for the background information and several of the lessons.
Students learn how:
  • the tremendous increase in shipping noise in the past decades impacts marine ecosystems.
  • we contribute to the increase of shipping noise and how we can make better choices.

Additional lessons include experiential learning activities on how marine mammals use echolocation and how noise interferes with that process.

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21. Background Information

22. Sound Bingo

23. NOAA Activities Lesson  K-2nd grade     Lesson  3rd-5th grade   Whale morse Code sheet for activity

24. Shipping Noise

25. Echolocation

26. A Balancing Act


The Appendix contains resources to enrich your use of the Sound Choices kit. The appendix includes:
  • how to make a difference in your community by reducing noise or reducing pollution
  • resources for more lessons on sound/noise, wildlife, our environment and more
  • recorded sounds to enrich the activities
  • a tutorial on how to use topographical maps that is needed for one of the activities
  • apps for your mobile device to enrich activities 
  • a list of items in the STEM kit that is offered at our national workshops in partnership with INCE organization. 

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Making a Difference


Sounds on Thumbdrive  Note: This is only a list of the contents. You can contact us to find the best way to deliver the sounds to you. 

Topographical Map Tutorial

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