1. Oceana: A Deaf Whale is a Dead Whale: Seismic Airgun Testing for Oil and Gas Threatens Marine Life and Coastal Economies
      View Link
    2. Shut Up: How Noise Pollution is Affecting 10 Animals View Link
    3. NPS: Exploring Sounds View Link
    4. World Health Organization report, ”Burden of Disease from Environmental Noise” (2011) View PDF
    5. Noise and Sound Control at Your Home INCE/USA. View PDF
    6. Noisy Motorcycles – An Environmental Quality-of-Life Issue  INCE/USA . View PDF
    7. Booklets and national standards for school classrooms with good listening and learning conditions, Acoustical Society of America. View Link
    8. Cost-Benefit Analysis – Noise Barriers and Quieter Pavements INCE/USA. View PDF
    9. Technical noise control engineering papers, more than 20,000 at the INCE/USA searchable digital library. View Link

Historical Overview

“An Overview of U.S. Noise Policy,” Finegold LS, So-Finegold M, Maling GC, (NNI, Volume 10, No. 2, June 2002) View PDF